Native Kayaker

Our Vision

is to be a world leader in the use of Adventure Education, Media and Business to protect culture, promote wellness and support sustainability in indigenous communities.

Our Mission

is to empower Native American students with professional adventure and media training and inspire them to utilize these skills to create positive change in their own communities.

Cultural Values and Traditions

Every Outdoor Program in the Americas borrows heavily from Native American Traditions.  From Kayaking, canoeing to rock climbing and winter camping outdoor enthusiasts are enjoying the fruits of Indigenous ingenuity.  The Four Rivers Institute seeks to build leaders and mentors who will return to their communities to develop programs and business based on their own cultural values and traditions.

At Four Rivers Institute our students will participate in a unique Journey that will…

  • graduate students with professional guide attitude and ethics.
  • graduate students with marketable and employable skills.
  • provide a foundation for future personal, professional and educational development and opportunities.
  • support the creation of adventure programs and recreational based businesses in tribal communities.
  • use adventure based programs and media as a vehicle to serve low income and underprivileged communities.
  • instill in our students a life-long sense of responsibility for stewardship of the natural world and sustainability of their communities.

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